My climbing courses are suitable for all ages and abilities. We have small and large group sessions and I can also serve climbers who want personalized training sessions. Within the courses you will see options for indoor, outdoor and training for different climbing styles, from bouldering to multi-pitch.

Beginner courses

My beginner courses are aimed at all ages and those who want to climb for the first time.

Intermediate courses

My advanced courses are for those who climb between degrees 5c and 6c or who boulder between 6a and 6c.

Advanced courses

My advanced courses are intended for climbers who want to improve their bouldering and climbing skills at a high level. Developed for climbers who want to enter new terrain specifically and systematically.

Fähigkeitsbasierte Kurse

  • 2.5 Stunden, Sonntag (12.07.2020)

    Beginnt am 12. Juli.


  • 2 tägiger Kurs, Sa 01.08. & So 02.08.2020 / Inkl. Übernachtung

    Beginnt am 1. Aug


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